Move-In Day Mafia

Are you a "wise guy" of the Move-In Day Mafia? Our swag featuring our logo is the perfect way to show off your allegiance to the "family."

With our Move-In Day Mafia logo on the front, you'll look like you're ready to break some kneecaps, but really you're just here to help us provide dorm room makeovers and ongoing assistance primarily for HBCU students who have aged out of foster care, are homeless, or have little to no support.

And with each purchase of our swag, you'll contribute to our mission of letting our scholars know they matter and we care

Whether you're a capo, consigliere, or just a lowly soldier in the ranks, our Move-In Day Mafia gear is the perfect way to show your support for the family and our cause.

So join the family and grab some merch today - or else you might find yourself swimming with the fishes! Ha!

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